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What is the difference between the Basic Version, Pro Version and Free Version?

The Free version includes 90 Basic Stage images: 6 Apples, 6 Cookies, 6 Cats, 6 Birds, 6 Shoes, 6 Shirts, 6 Airplanes, 6 Cars, 6 Chairs, 6 Beds, 6 Balls, 6 Bicycles, 6 Flowers, 6 Cups, and 6 Spoons. With these images, you can do all of the Identical Matching and the Similar Matching activities (2 of the 6 activities included in the Basic and Pro).

The Basic version also includes the 90 Basic Stage images. With these images, you can do all of the Identical Matching and the Similar Matching activities, and you can do the remaining 4 activities (Receptive Labeling, Expressive Labeling, Picture Identification, and Sorting) with 15 different words (90 total images). The Basic Version also includes unlimited users, ability to save settings, and a robust reporting feature. 

The Pro Version contains over 600 words from the categories of Animals, Foods, Transportation, Furniture, Clothing, Toys, Everyday Objects, Insects, Sea Life, Musical Instruments, Tools, Body Parts, Safety Sign, Shapes and Colors. The PRO version also gives you the ability to create your own flashcards for use in the activities.

There are no additional activities in the pro version that aren't in the basic version.

Why did we do it this way?

The reason is that we don’t want to force parents whose children are moving more slowly through the word list to purchase the entire app at once. By offering a reduced price version with the ability to purchase a few word packs at a time, parents will have enough images to get started, and can buy word packs only as they need them.

My overall recommendation is, if you are a PARENT start with the basic version and add words as needed. If you are a THERAPIST or a TEACHER, purchase the PRO version. You will likely be working with multiple students at all levels of word acquisition so you will need the greater selection.

For a detailed chart explaining the differences among the 3 activities click here.